Amazing Startup Guide

Validate your startup idea

Validate your startup idea

Go and meet your customers! Interview them about their problems first (don’t mention your product idea).

Interview a lot of users (50-100?) until you fully understand the problem.

Problem Interview script

1. Introduction

  • I would like to know how you work today.

2. Demographics

  • Name and age.
  • Job role and duties.
  • Years of experience

3. Current situation

  • How do you work today?
  • Who are involved?
  • What tools do you use?

4. Problems

  • What (problems) do you dislike the most in all this? Could you mention the top three?
  • What parts of this process are the hardest? Could you mention the top three?
  • If you could magically eliminate one phase of this process which one would it be?

5. Solutions

  • How do you solve the problems mentioned earlier?
  • Do you use any products/alternatives?
  • Would you be willing to pay to solve any of these problems? If so, which one?

6. Conclusion

  • Thanks for your time.
  • I would like to have a follow up interview where I present a potential product solution, would you be available?
  • More leads: Are there anyone else you think I should interview?